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Hunan Anhua black tea health care tea

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • only one plant base in hunan anhuna
  • unique manufacturing technology
  • high pure tea material
  • high standard production work shop
  • professional technology team

Product Details

Product name:Hunan Anhua black tea health care tea

Net weight:2000g

Hand-built fuzhuan tea takes anhua high-quality black wool tea as raw material, which is formed into semi-finished products through crushing, screening, fermentation, steaming and other processing technologies, and then manufactured by hand.Its liquor color is red and bright, its taste is mellow, its quality is better than general fuzhuan tea, it is a good drink.

Functions and effects of black tea:

Sterilization and anti-inflammatoryLower blood pressureAnti-oxidation, anti-aging and prolong lifeHelp digestionsolve greasysmooth stomachDiuretic detoxification reduce the poisoning of tobacco and alcoholImprove glucose metabolism, lower blood sugar and prevent diabetesAnti-cancer and disease resistanceReduce fat,lose weightsoften blood vessels and prevent cardiovascular diseasesBlack tea can supplement dietary nutrition

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